Peculiar Picture Show was created because we believe movies have a lot to say about mental health. More than entertainment, movies are a window into public opinion, and they’re largely influential in shaping public opinion. By exploring what movies say about mental health, we discover what society thinks about mental health, for good or for bad. There are some very insightful bits in some films, and there are some hilarious misconceptions in others. We’ll be exploring all of these.

Hosts Brandon Gregory and Maria Milazzo both struggle with mental health issues (respectively, bipolar disorder and PTSD/depression), and we both have degrees in English Literature from Rollins College (where they met), so movies and mental health are natural topics for us. We’re also cynical Gen-Xers who have some strong opinions.

We release a new episode every other Saturday, both for streaming on our website and in all major podcast channels. Most of our episodes will focus on one movie (stated in the title), although some special episodes will cover multiple films or other topics.

Wondering where to start? Don’t worry—this isn’t a podcast where you have to know all the inside jokes or elaborate backstories. Just visit our list, pick a movie that interests you, and start listening!

Information about our podcast, including listener stats, quotes, brief descriptions, and logos, can be found in our press kit. Any other questions? Drop us an email, or check out our Twitter profiles in our bios at the bottom of the page.

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