Captain Marvel: 6-word review (spoiler-free)

Brandon and Maria pick three words each to describe the new Captain Marvel.


  • Bad-ass: Captain Marvel is, by many measures, the strongest hero Marvel has introduced yet, and this opens up a lot of new possibilities for the Avengers franchise
  • Relatable: Carol Danvers seemed like a real person, unlike many of the characters Marvel has introduced so far that seem like these distant superheroes. Also, she deals with real issues that women deal with everyday.
  • Empowering: A female superhero who’s told she can’t do her job because she’s too emotional? Who’s asked to prove herself to men who are giving her unsolicited advice? These are issues that women really have to deal with, and it was good to see Marvel dealing with this.


  • Entertaining: The film had a great story in a franchise that’s already well-developed.
  • Logical: It did a great job explaining how Captain Marvel fit into this existing universe, and it made sense.
  • Inspiring: First of all, we have a female superhero, which is something we don’t get a lot. We had the recent Wonder Woman, but this goes further because it told Captain Marvel’s story without giving her any sort of love interest. It passes that Bechdel test by having women who are able to talk on their own and have their own stories.

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