Her: Love, Technology, and Mental Health

Intro by Maria

The 2013 film Her can seem like an unappealing premise for a movie: A guy falls in love with a computer operating system. Yeah, right. Not sure how they’re going to make that work.

Well, that’s what I thought. So I avoided watching the movie, and apparently Brandon did too, but I did eventually end up watching it somehow or another, and it actually wasn’t bad. The movie toys with ideas that are fun to think about, like what constitutes a human being and how technology may be helping or harming us. What it lacks in entertainment value, it makes up for with these ideas.

So it’s kinda fun to watch, but it’s really fun to think about, and think we do. I talk about how this movie reminds me of what’s going on right now with COVID-19, and Brandon discusses tons of things, including why so many artificial intelligence assistants have female voices.

That’s really all I have as an introduction to this episode. I know it was short, but we make up for it during the episode, so get ready for all these deep thoughts with just a hint of some artificial intelligence on this next episode of Peculiar Picture Show.

Show Summary

General: An excellent execution of a weird concept

Brandon: Chose this; avoided because of the concept; movie is feelings heavy, yet deep; won some awards, including best screenplay at Academy Awards and best depiction of nudity, sexuality, or seduction from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Maria: Saw it before; avoided because of the concept;  

Like: A thought-provoking film with a cool vibe

Brandon: Director; style; music; vibe; a lot to think about; interpretation left up to the viewers, and it’s OK

Maria: Interesting to think about, especially in relation to 2013

Dislike: Can be a bit of a drag, and Theodore is creepy

Brandon: creepy character; split this into several viewings

Maria: Kinda bored this time around; creepy character

Mental Health: Technology, misogyny, and love

Brandon: Lots of AI assistants voiced by females, and no real explanation; analysis of why Theodore and Samantha fall in love   

Maria: Technology and its pros and cons; COVID-19 tie ins; manmade vs. natural



I’m glad I watched it, but I wasn’t glad when I was watching it.

Next Film

Winner in bold.

Network (1976) vs. Closer (2004)

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